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Targeted Reiki Session

A reiki session with full concentration on a specific problem in the body, mind, or soul.

  • 1 hour
  • 90 US dollars
  • The Total Image Day Spa

Service Description

For those who wish to have a full session with reiki energy and techniques targeted directly to one issue. Examples of those who would benefit greatly from this session, by each area of life; Body: someone suffering from particular pain in one or multiple areas of the body (i.e. sciatica problems, knee pain, Crohn's Disease, IBS, etc.) Mind: anyone with particular emotional imbalances, high levels of unwanted emotion, or issues being caused by disturbances in the emotional body (i.e. anger management troubles, stress overload, insomnia, struggles with memory and mental clarity, etc.) Soul: Reiki is an ancient practice that works by connecting you to the life force energy that flows throughout you and everything in the universe. It's not uncommon that those who get reiki done feel more connected intuitively, have a stronger sense of self and purpose, and even feel further connected to the other side. A soul targeted session can be especially helpful for anyone wishing to receive guidance from the Universe, clarity of self, connection to intuition, and even help deal with grief of passed loved ones by thinning the veil between you and the other side. Our targeted Reiki session will start with a short conversation about your particular problem to assess where energy most needs to be cleared, balanced, and guided to. From there the client will lay back, close their eyes, and focus on deep breathing while Reiki techniques are performed on the subtle (energetic) body. Light touch is applied as per comfort level of client. Crystals are placed around the body and underneath the Reiki bed, for use of their healing properties corresponding to each chakra. Essentials oils are used for combination aromatherapy unless otherwise specified by client. This session focuses completely on the client's targeted area of choice; balancing and clearing the chakras in that vicinity, promoting the body's natural healing ability, and concentrating on the specific needs of the imbalance at hand. The session will conclude with five minutes of "come to" time, in which practitioner signals the session is over, and leaves the room for the client to come out of the meditative state and gather their thoughts. From there the practitioner will return to discuss and reflect on the experience for a few minutes, and escort you downstairs to cash-out.

Contact Details

  • 485 High St, Dedham, MA, USA


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