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Meet Leo

Oversoul Holistic

Reiki & Alternative Healing
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Meet Leo 

Certified Reiki II Practitioner

Hello!  My name is Leo Leonard, and I've been a certified Reiki II Practitioner since April 2021. 

I've always been a spiritual, "hippy-dippy" person, so it made total sense that the second I found Reiki, I just absolutely fell in love with it.  Apart from that, I always wanted to be a healer of some degree; I thought about pursuing psychology or neuroscience but ultimately, my skills were best fitted to heal holistically. Since I could never decide between wanting to help the mind, body, or soul, it's what some might call 'Divine Intervention' that I've found a life path that allows me to do all at once.

Reiki significantly improved my quality of life upon receiving my Level I attunement, all the reason I wanted to become certified as a Practitioner.  I'm forever grateful for the ability to share this life-changing healing method that helped me get to a place I've always wanted to be in life.

Why Reiki

Why Reiki?

It can help with


Significantly known to reduce stress, and promote deep relaxation.


Can boost energy levels, as well as helping mood, mindset and pain. 


Helps to clarify toxins from the body and boost immune system's natural function.

Anxiety & Depression

Reiki has shown to reduce the discomfort from symptoms of depression and anxiety, by reducing stress, promoting a positive headspace, and clearing negative energy blockages.


Promotes deep sleep and enhances body's natural circadian rhythm.

Clarity & Focus

Enhances mental clarity and memory, while promoting focus and concentration.



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